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About us

Our dancing partnership, born in October 1999, is today one of the most succesful dancing partnerships in the Czech history.

We are the couple, who decided to put everything to dance from the very beginning of our career, where the parents played the main role of support and the biggest thanks belongs to them. Thanks to that is our couple one of the world’s top class dancing couples (see Results).

Our specialization are standard dances, latin-american dances a so-called „Combination“ of the both of the dancing styles, where lays our greatest succes.

In the remaining time, there is not much of it, we try to lead as a trainers and couches a dancing club MADAT TŠ Plaminek (www.madat.cz) and transfer our extensive experience to other potential champions of the Czech Republic.


  • Ing. Martin Dvořák

  • Date of birth: 16.4.1985 in Aries
  • Number of dancing partners before Zuzana: 3
  • Dancing with Zuzana since: 1999
  • School: Degree Ing. from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Technical University
  • Profession: Dance coach second class - Dance sport
  • Hobby: Anything in touch with computers
  • Zuzana Šilhánová DiS.

  • Date of birth: 20.6.1985 in Gemini
  • Number of dancing partners before Zuzana: 4
  • Dancing with Martin since: 1999
  • School: Student of a Bussines university in Prague – expert in Air Transport Services
  • Profession: Dressmaking, dance coach second class - Dance sport
  • Hobby: Shopping, relaxing
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